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Enhance performance

Reduce Costs

Provide Exit strategies

Make Your life Easier

Too much stress overseeing your investment ?

Not making money from your investment ?

Is your management company:

  • Not responsive
  • Not renting fast enough
  • Costs are too high
  • Not giving you a full report for every repair item
  • Not advising on exit strategies
  • Not advising on compliance

Bottom line you don’t feel your interests are first.

What makes us different

What we do

Real time, online information
Reports highlighting the key issues impacting your performance and how to resolve these
Focus on your overall investment performance
You investment is not just about having a tenant
Provide Honest and professional advice
Challenge Every Cost
Drive every income stream
Build a long term happy relationship with you

How we do it

A hard working professional team who PUT your interests first
The team consists of very experienced property professionals with National and International property expertise
We also offer investment opportunities throughout the US upon which we have carried out extensive due diligence and we are happy to recommend

We continually analyse your properties for performance

We look at rental income
We look at tenant retention
We look at all costs
We pay a lot of attention to repair costs
We only use contractors who use our technology The Repairsmaster
We look at selling your homes by

  1. Direct sales
  2. Land contracts sales
  3. Bulk sales
  4. Home Buyer sales

We also offer your opportunities to invest to excellent homes throughout the US which we have carried out extensive due diligence to ensure these are the best ones

Received some repair requests recently and just scratched your head ?

Repairs are one of the biggest headaches for investors

You get a quote for approval but how do you know

That the tenant even requested it
That it is needed
That the cost is reasonable

Then when you pay for the work

That the work was completed
That the tenant is happy with the work

Well you will have a peace of mind when you let us look after your investment because you will have answers to all those questions through the use of our own bespoke technology and our repair team.

Check out our repairs master website and also our video for our tenant repair request App

We control and oversee every aspect of every repair for you

We have invested in Technology and personnel so that every repair is justified and at a reasonable cost.
Our Team knows the cost of everything and ensures the contractors deliver the proper information
through our apps and portal to ensure honesty and integrity for all repairs.

Our own CMMS product

( Computerised Maintenance Management System) allows us to deliver very comprehensive information on every repair so everyone is kept honest

Apps for our tenant repair requests
Apps for our contractors
Portal to oversee everything
Before and after photos for every repair which are time and date stamped.

Let us give you free analysis of your property portfolio

Analysis of the locations, sales price, rents, repair costs… etc

Give us a chance to show you why we are different 

Your English not too good ?
Let us take the stress away as our Team can also communicate in French,Spanish,Chinese and Arabic  and can even put your reports in those languages.