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$30 Million US Dollars to be Invested in Detroit Neighborhoods

Posted by gcp1 on October 17, 2017
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A housing investment trust is looking to invest up to $30 million dollars in a neighborhood home repair program in hopes of refurbishing 300 single-family houses as an effort to continue building Detroit.

These types of recurring investments are another sign that Detroit’s comeback isn’t over yet as the city keeps improving. Refurbishing 300 homes is a major advantage for many industries and individuals. Aside from the residents that will enjoy their newly renovated homes, many Metro Detroit individuals in real estate and construction business will rake in profits. There have been a continuous improvements and investments in the Metro Detroit area for many years now.

Investments in the Metro Detroit area continue to generate interest in real estate seminars and media on a global level. These forms of investments are also creating jobs for locals, which ultimately stimulates the economy. Metro Detroit real estate investors also enjoy the benefits of such projects as it provides more turnkey investment opportunities and better, more stable neighborhoods.

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