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We are a Michigan based company

One of the things that helps us to be different is that our team consists of
International investors in the market for the past 7 years who have actively
managed their portfolios of over 1000 properties and have joined us to create a company with ethics and an ethos that the Investor in first and our interests are their interests.

Too many times they were met by unscrupulous property companies so have joined with us to form MJV Property Solutions. Having a property manager is one thing but having a property solutions company is a real difference especially for International investors because your investment is not just about renting your property.

Too many management companies are in it for the quick buck but that is certainly not us. We can provide various performance statistics to show how we are delivering a difference.

There is only so much we can include on a website so why not sign up to discuss your portfolio. It costs you nothing but for sure it will save you $1000’s