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No Longer Just the Motor City: Detroit’s Latest Industry Growth

Posted by gcp1 on October 24, 2017
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Once the mecca for motor vehicle manufacturing, Detroit has long been nicknamed the Motor City—but it may need a new name soon, as another industry has been growing exponentially over the last few years. As Detroit has been in a pattern of regrowth and revitalization over the last few years, it has been adapting and altering its tax laws, changing them to benefit businesses and encourage economic and job market growth. These changes have rapidly been paying off as many businesses have begun investing largely in the urban city over the last two years.

In the latest workforce trends report released by business and employment-oriented networking site, LinkedIn, Detroit’s new industry focus has begun to make its presence known. In a startling change, Detroit’s tech sector has reached new robust heights, drawing talent from across the country in droves. Of course, Detroit hit new depths of an employment crisis back in 2008 which lasted up until 2013. As data is all relevant to percentages of growth, Detroit’s happenings aren’t quite rivaling leading tech hubs such as San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, and Austin, Texas, but it is an impressive growth, nonetheless.

“This is the continuation of trends that have been happening for a while,” said Guy Berger, LinkedIn economist. Detroit’s demand is currently for high tech skills, much of which lies within the automotive sector. Over the past two years, a demand has grown for candidates with skills focused in scripting languages, software debugging, and integrated circuit design in order to keep up with the growing technicality of newer automotive models. This demand for highly skilled tech workers seems to be calling new graduates of Michigan State University and other such notably strong tech schools across the US, helping to boost rental demand, economic upturns, and much more across the Metro area.

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